Amazing Thank you so so much! Mabel is a very happy and healthy little puppy. You were so helpful and kind. I appreciate your help during the puppy process! I recommended you to all of my friends who are looking for a new addition to there families. Thank you again!
THANK YOU! Let me start by saying that Linda was beyond amazing through out the whole process she was very patient and open her home doors so we Can meet the puppies today I own the most beautiful healthy frenchie boy ever thanks to her! I recommend her 110%. Turbo our boy is a show stopper everywhere I go I get compliments. The puppies are very family oriented and very well behaved don’t hesitate on contacting her.
Liz E
Spencer I highly recommend this breeder. She is so sweet and is ready to help out in a heartbeat. She let us FaceTime with a little guy before taking the ride to New York from New Hampshire. She was even nice enough to meet us outside the city. We are so happy he’s doing so well . You can tell that he was loved and cuddled before we got him at nine weeks old. He’s always by my side and he listens so well. He potty trained in about two weeks. Thank you so much for my new best friend
Adopted French Bulldog We are beyond pleased with our sweet girl we got. We had been through some questionable situations looking for a dog prior to finding this family and we were blessed to have come across them when we did. We named our pup Bentley and she’s the light of our life. They are amazing in what they do, the process went so smoothly and quickly and they were polite, responsive and answered all of our questions. We look forward to doing business with them again as my in laws are awaiting their next litter
Samantha S
Thank you! I would like to take the time to thank you for your service. Your customer servís was amazing. You were able to answer all my questions and concerns. Thank you for being patient with me at all times. I highly recommend people to give you call because it was the best customer service I ever got. My family and I are in love with our puppy and will recommend family and friends to purchase a puppy with you. Thank you so much!!
My female frenchie I picked up my female frenchie about 3 weeks ago from this breeder and I couldn't be happier with the amazing puppy that I purchased! She is so sweet, loving, playful, and play WONDERFULLY with my other dogs! Not only was I very pleased with the puppy that I received, but also the wonderful service this breeder provided me leading up to picking up my puppy! She stayed in touch with me, sent videos/photos of my little girl, kept me updated and even sent me a list of a few items I may have wanted to purchase before picking the puppy up! (Dog food, treats, teething bone, etc.) When I went to pick up my puppy, we met publicly so there was nothing "sketchy" about the ordeal (her original idea.) She even packed me a bag of food and treats for the puppy for our trip back to Virginia! This breeders takes wonderful care of her puppies, as well as her buyers! I couldn't be more pleased! Highly recommend purchasing this little boy! I'll guarantee he will be a wonderful addition to your family!
Robert We recently welcomed Robert (Now Henry) to our home last month. Alina was so helpful and patient. We talked for months, she knew exactly what we wanted and helped provide when the time was ready. Henry saw the vet the next day and had a clean bill of health. He was already trained using puppy pads. He is more then what we could have wanted in a puppy. I was a little skeptical before, however they went above and beyond and met us out side of the city and made us feel comfortable with purchasing a puppy from them.
Walnut I am so impressed with Alina and her frenchies! You can tell that she really cares about her babies. We adopted Walnut a few weeks ago and he is just a dream. The people we meet in public can't believe how well behaved my little guy is. I have wanted a frenchie forever and this was seriously a dream come true. It's so hard finding breeders who are reputable and she is just that! She even let me FaceTime him before we brought him home. Pleasure doing business with her and will definitely let my friends know where to go for healthy frenchies.
Little Dominic I was very pleased with my experience with Linda and Alina! I was skeptical at first because I had been previously scammed by someone claiming to have a Frenchie. So when I contacted Linda I was so very pleased that they got right back to me and sent me all the info that I needed to know and were very kind and answered all of my questions. She was very prompt with getting his shots done before we drove to get him and Alina met us and gave us all the paperwork, food and a travel crate. Dominic (now named Huey) is the happiest little puppy ever who loves to play eat and sleep. He is so smart already and within the first week he understood the potty training! We are very happy to have this little guy as the new member of our family!
Gracie girl Im always skeptical about breeders but I'm very pleased to say that my baby girl Gracie is very healthy and beautiful. Alina was so kind to meet me half way in the commute to pickup Gracie. She was very pleasant and I could tell she really loves her frenchies and takes good care of them.
My darling Fiona! I cannot say enough about Linda and Alina -- so kind and so loving! Fiona completely changed my life. She is a bright, beautiful puppy (now, 7 months old) with the most incredible personality. We get stopped every time we go for a walk and she is the princess of her doggie day care. I highly recommend Linda and Ali's frenchies -- so much so that I actually have a family member who bought two more!
Head turner, heart melter everywhere we go Warning: The number one problem is that he is just so lovable! 100% Obsessed. 100% Recommend. He was 12 weeks when we picked him up at Alina's quiet, Brooklyn home. It was great to be able to see him run around her backyard, while we talked and asked questions. Alina and her mother truly started him off right and I mean it too. Everything down to holding him-so he is comfortable with being picked up, to his shots and papers all organized and ready to go. Alina continues to be very helpful and urges us to not be afraid to reach out to her at anytime. We will absolutely stay in contact. Tito (was Tony) has a F A N T A S T I C personality and warmed up to my boyfriend and I immediately. He follows us around, snuggles up on the couch, travels well in the car (and in a bag!) and loves to play. He adjusted very quickly to his new home and after only one day knew which stoop to run up. We could not be any more proud of our little man Tito.
Winston Linda and Alina were so amazing throughout this whole process ! Winston is the puppy of my dreams and thanks to these wonderful ladies he was healthy and well taken care of from the moment I got him :) I couldn't be happier and have already recommended her to multiple people who are looking for there perfect pup!
Sweet baby girl Lola We had a fabulous experience with Linda! She was very responsive, answered all our questions and concerns, and we even got to FaceTime with our puppy before we picked her up. We love that our sweet baby girl (now named Cleo) was raised in a warm, nurturing, home environment. Our experience was top notch and we would highly recommend Linda to anyone!
Waited years for a French Bulldog I have wanted a black and white male French Bulldog for years, I finally did it and Newman is everything I wanted him to be. I looked at so many puppies and emailed so many people. Alina contacted me back and we text all day about the puppy. I work as a Veterinary Technician and was very please with the health of my new puppy.Had him checked at my Veterinary clinic and he checked out great.Newman is amazing, he is by my side all the time, he is doing good with potty training and listens so well. I could not be happier with my purchase. He had some vaccines done and was dewormed before I got him. I text Alina with up dates and she is prompt at getting back to me. So happy to finally have the dog I have wanted for so many years, he was definitely worth the 6 1\2 hour drive.
Tina Z
Amazing French Bulldog! Linda and Alina guided us through the puppy buying process with ease and provided MORE than enough information to make us feel safe finding our perfect puppy. We got a French Bulldog from them, and they agreed to meet us anywhere in the city and wanted to make the experience as EASY as possible for us, which they did. Our puppy was provided with a list of shots she had received, a carrier, and a follow up 2 days later. She continued to answer any questions we had long after we had brought our puppy home. They rock, and you should feel safe doing business with them.
Capucciono has really grown up to be a heartbeaker We got out little guy 3 month ago and he was listed as a fawn heart breaker and it was true! He has an excellent personality, was wee wee pad trained when we got him and is a happy little guy over all. Linda stayed in touch with us every step of the way, from the initial vet check up, to choosing a feeding schedule, exposure to other dogs and all the fun things of first time dog owners!